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Treasures Las Vegas [Official Guide]

Treasures Vegas strip club

Treasures Las Vegas [Official Guide]

Drink Package
2 Drinks / Person *FREE Limo & Entry*
Bottle Service
~$199 / Person *Varies Nightly*
Lap Dance / VIP Room
$20 / $150+ *Depending on Dancer*
Gentlemens Club
FREE Limo (Round Trip)
FREE Entry (No Cover)
VIP Front of Line Admission
VIP Priority Seating
Valid /w Two Drink Ticket Purchase
Voted BEST for Guys Night Out
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    Boasting its title as “The Most Luxurious Gentlemen’s Club in the World,” Treasures Las Vegas is your own personal desert oasis, and deluxe harem of gorgeous entertainers.

    Filled with stunning decor, winding staircases, and two deluxe main stages – Treasures Gentlemen’s Club offers an immaculate experience for any bachelor party or intimate couple’s night out.

    Treasures also doubles as a world-renowned steakhouse, so consider making your dinner plans here with your strip club reservation.

    Looking for a taste of the good life in Vegas? You’ll find it here.

    Treasures Hours & Info

    • Hours: 8pm – 6am; 7 Days a Week [Updated for 2024]
    • Best Nights to Go: Industry Sundays
    • Busiest Hours: 10pm – 12am
    • Bottle Service / VIP Pricing: $$-$$$
    • Music: Hip Hop & Top 40
    • Dancer Quality: 8/10 and Up
    • Coolest Features: World Famous Steakhouse, Ultra-Private VIP Rooms and Lap Dance Accomodations, Elegant Romanesque Interior & Design
    • Dress Code: NO shorts of any kind, sweatpants, tanktops, flip flops, or sandals. See our general dress code guidelines.

    Where is Treasures from the Las Vegas Strip?

    Treasures is actually relatively close to the (very walkable) Las Vegas Strip, however the area you need to travel through to get there can be pretty “rough” at night, and is naturally obstructed by the freeway.

    SLS and Stratosphere are technically closest, but even from here we recommend getting a ride to Treasures. Make sure that ride is NOT a taxi, Uber, or Lyft: you’ll be charged double or triple the cover charge.

    Treasures Las Vegas Location

    How to Get to Treasures Las Vegas from the Strip


    Your best bet by far is taking advantage of the free limo service offered by Treasures through our company.

    If in need of immediate pickup or would like to reserve now please call 702-755-1766. We’d prefer you save your money for dances (the strippers do too).

    Getting to Treasures: Free Limo Pickup

    Through our service, Treasures Las Vegas guarantees a free limo pickup for your group as part of our two drink package.

    Wherever you are on The Strip or Downtown Las Vegas, you’ll get a limo, SUV limo, or party bus (for bigger groups) direct to your hotel within 5-10 minutes.

    You’ll also pay no cover when you arrive through our two drink package.

    Treasures Limo

    Limo Guests: The Grand Entrance to Treasures (Photo Credit:


    Skip the Line

    Want to avoid waiting in line? No need to worry.

    We’ll have Treasures VIP Host personally walk you in for us at the door. That means front of the line admission as soon as you arrive.

    The only thing you’ll pay for is your drinks as part of the entry package below.

    Avoid the Treasures Cover Charge

    When you arrive on foot, by car, or by taxi, uber, or Lyft…you’ll be getting pinched. There’s no getting around the cover charge at Treasures arriving by these means ($50-$80 depending on the night).

    The only way to avoid paying a cover charge is to book a Treasures branded limo either by calling the club or making a reservation directly through us at 702-755-1766.

    Treasures Cover Charge

    Limo Pickup: The only way to avoid the cover charge ($50-$80 depending on the night).


    Treasures Las Vegas Entry Package

    If you’re planning on visiting Treasure’s strip club on a budget, you’re in luck.

    All that’s required as part of our free limo and free entry deal is the purchase of two drink tickets at the door. The rest is on us.

    Here’s the breakdown:


    VIP Entry Package


    • FREE Limo Pick-Up
    • Reduced Cover ($50-80 Value)
    • Front of Line “Skip” Admission
    • RETURN RIDE Included
    • All Taxes & Fees Included

    Book Now


    Priority Seating

    Our deal at Treasures includes “priority seating” for your group, which means seating will be first come first serve. If there is a VIP table or booth open and available for your group, you’ll be sat right away.

    You can expect to have a place to sit on any normal weekend or weekday in Vegas. If coming on Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, or any major Fight Weekend we recommend calling ahead for bottle service reservations.

    Is Return Ride Included?

    Booking our two drink package, you’ll not only receive free transportation to Treasures Las Vegas, but also a free return ride when you’re ready to head back.

    Simply give a host on the floor a heads up when you’d like to return, and a driver will be waiting for you outside. A perk of booking through us.

    You can call us anytime at 702-755-1766 to make your reservation, or get any questions answered by our specialists.

    Treasures Drink Prices

    How much are the drinks at Treasures? Your two drink tickets as part of the package above are $20 each, and can be used for any premium cocktails or beers inside.

    After these drink tickets are finished, you can expect to pay $15-20 for your average cocktail and $10-15 for beers inside. Vegas prices, we know.

    Treasures Las Vegas (Room Breakdown)


    You can’t miss Treasures driving down the Las Vegas Freeway. The stunning architecture with a cathedral-style feel looks and feels like royalty.

    As you walk up to the main entrance, you are greeted by security and two gold-like statues on either side.

    Las Vegas Gentlemens Club best

    When you enter, notice the huge mural on the left and ceiling, as well as the kiosk on the right.

    The Main Level

    As you move into the first room, you will see a stage directly ahead with an additional stage at the back.

    There is no shortage of seating with around 20 to 30 tables (each with 2-4 chairs), and additional booths lining the wall.

    The large full-service bar is on your right with a bounty of different drink options.

    On your immediate left is a giant set of stairs leading to the upstairs/balcony portion of Treasures.

    The Stairs

    Heading up the stairs introduces you to more gorgeous murals and artwork.

    You’ll also want to see the dazzling chandelier, front and center. Even if you don’t need to go upstairs, be sure to check it out.


    Once upstairs, you’ll find more intimate rooms catering to the fine dining experience at Treasures.

    Finally, enjoy the company of beautiful ladies and delicious food together (George Costanza would approve).


    Treasures is known for its top-notch food. Even guests who did not have a good experience still noted how exceptional and tasty the food was.

    While the Steakhouse is located downstairs, you may order your meal upstairs at any time.

    Grand Balcony

    For those looking to be part of the main room, there is a beautiful balcony overlooking the stage upstairs as well.

    The upstairs balcony helps to get a sense of Treasures’ grand design, not to mention a unique view of the dancers (a view not available at other strip clubs).

    What Does The Public Think About Treasures Las Vegas?

    The general consensus seems to be that Treasures Las Vegas is a great club, with some of the best features a gentlemen’s club can offer. As a matter of fact, it just topped our best Las Vegas strip clubs list for 2024.

    Let’s take a close look through the pros and cons people mention in Google reviews:


    • Gorgeous Girls
    • Enjoyable Atmosphere
    • Lots of Women
    • Great VIP Package
    • Fun Group of People
    • Amazing Food


    • Expensive ATM Fees
    • Overpriced
    • Stricter Security
    • Music is Hit or Miss

    Although there are some angry reviews and people who didn’t enjoy their time, we find these to be subjective takes not indicative of the general experience here.

    By and large, people have a blast at Treasures Las Vegas. Many said it was the best strip club they’ve ever been to.

    There’s a reason why its our most popular two drink package, and generally the go-to strip club we recommend to first-timers.

    Should You Go To Treasures Strip Club in Las Vegas?

    If you are looking for a more sophisticated and luxurious gentlemen’s club experience, Treasures Las Vegas is the place for you.

    With its world-renowned reputation, you can’t go wrong.

    Treasures gentlemens club Vegas

    Treasures has something for everyone: from the gorgeous main room, to award-winning steakhouse, to the stunning upstairs area and balcony.


    VIP Entry Package


    • FREE Limo Pick-Up
    • Reduced Cover ($50-80 Value)
    • Front of Line “Skip” Admission
    • RETURN RIDE Included
    • All Taxes & Fees Included

    Book Now


    Just be prepared to spend a little extra cash. ATM fees can add up, and drinks/food are not cheap. We always recommend bringing enough cash with you, along with our other strip club commandments.

    But overall, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, Treasures should be your go-to spot. It’s been ours for a very long time.


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