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Go All-Inclusive: Easy Bachelor Party Packages in Las Vegas

All Inclusive Bachelor Party Packages

Go All-Inclusive: Easy Bachelor Party Packages


Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Tying the knot is life changing and you deserve to celebrate like a king.

We know that planning and dividing costs among your group can be a major hassle. It’s a whole lot easier when everyone in the group is given a fixed price, and your plans are booked to be all inclusive.

Bachelor party packages make it easy to control costs – when everything else is getting out of control.

There are a lot of different activities to make your bachelor party a night to remember. Our packages at the strip clubs here in Las Vegas make it easy to plan your bachelor party on a budget while making sure everyone has a memorable evening.

Bachelor Party Packages in Las Vegas

Sound familiar?


A lot of people think that strip clubs are too cliché, overdone and kind of tacky and we’re here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. If that’s your experience, you’re going to the wrong clubs.

“But it’s too expensive”

This is another popular misconception among strip clubs. You can go to the club on a budget and still have a great time.

At Strip Club Concierge, we’re devoted to giving you the best all inclusive bachelor party packages to make sure you have a memorable night out with the boys. We can’t make any guarantees that you won’t wake up in a hotel room with a tiger and a missing tooth, so party with caution.


Complimentary Limo Pickup

One of the biggest hassles of Las Vegas nightlife is transportation. Thanks to us, we provide your entire party with a free limo ride from your hotel to any of our exclusive gentlemen’s clubs.

When you’re done partying, you can contact your limo driver to pick your group back up and take you back to your hotel. You’ll be given a 10-15 minute notification prior to the limo driver’s arrival.

Free Strip Clubs in Vegas

Personal, friendly service from start to finish. Reserve a pickup straight from your hotel.


No Cover: Free Strip Club Entry

Are you stressing over the strip clubs’ cover charge? Don’t. When you reserve a free pickup to any of our venues, you’ll also be given free admission at the strip club. This includes you and your entire party – no tricks or hidden fees.

As part of any of our all inclusive bachelor party packages, you’ll be escorted in by a host past the line. We assure VIP service from start to finish.

All Inclusive Bachelor Party Package

We specialize in making the most of your bachelor party.


Just One Small Requirement

Upon entry you’re required to order two drinks, which you were probably already going to do in the first place. That’s the only requirement to utilize our complimentary limo ride and complimentary entry, as part of our all inclusive bachelor party packages.

When you arrive: you’ll be asked to purchase two drink tickets. These tickets are good for any premium beverage inside the club, including cocktails and beers.


Drink Ticket Prices

The price of these drink tickets vary from $10-20 each depending on the club of your choice. As you’d expect, this is roughly the average price for a drink at any major Las Vegas venue.

The good news: these two drinks are the only thing you’ll be paying for the entire evening as part of any of our Two Drink all-inclusive packages.

Your transportation and entry are completely free through us. If you’re really looking to celebrate like a rockstar, ask us about the VIP treatment and bottle service packages we offer.

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We’ve been in business for half a decade, and we’re devoted to offering you the best all inclusive bachelor party packages to make sure you have a killer night before you tie the knot.


Bottle Service Packages

If you’re looking for something more, ask about our bottle service packages which range from $99 a person to $199 a person. These prices can vary dependent on the club and their nightly pricing updates, so ask us ahead of time to get a full breakdown of the pricing.

You’ll find the greatest variety of bottle service deals and options at Sapphire Las Vegas, out top rated strip club.

Text or Call 702-755-1766 anytime for up to the minute pricing and special deals.


VIP Treatment & Lap Dances

You can look but you just can’t touch, right? These clubs feature the hottest girls in Las Vegas and some of the most exotic lap dances on the strip.

The best part is, they start out at just $20 for a lap dance. The pricing will vary dependent on the dancer and their individual charge. You’re also not obligated to buy a dance at any point.


Book at Any Time

You don’t have to plan an entire month ahead or even an entire week ahead.

We have around the clock booking for groups of any size. Even if you have a last-minute request, contact us at 702-755-1766 to see which clubs have available seating for you and your group. You can get a limo ride right this minute, but be aware that seating and availability will depend on the club you’d like to go to.

Crazy Horse Strip Club

Crazy Horse II offers our most popular all-inclusive bachelor package at the cost of just two drinks.


Why a Strip Club?

You’ve probably heard the groans from women once you brought up the idea of taking your friend to a strip club. Some people think it’s tacky and it’s overdone. We say those people haven’t booked with us, and they haven’t been to our exclusive gentlemen’s clubs.

There’s a reason we’ve hand picked these clubs. They’re rated among some of the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, with affordable pricing and some of the hottest girls for your entertainment.

  • You get personalized lap dances from hot girls
  • You get to look at hot girls who make you the center of attention for the night before finally settling down
  • The food at strip clubs is surprisingly really good and cheap
  • Strip clubs are the perfect opportunity to relax, wind down and relieve some stress


Is There a Dress Code?

Even with our all inclusive bachelor party packages, gaining entry into any of our strip clubs can still be dependent on the bouncer. You may be denied entry at discretion of the bouncer if you or someone in your group isn’t dressed properly. Some great guidelines to make sure you get in without any issues:

  • A button-up or collar shirt is preferred
  • No athletic apparel is usually allowed entry into the club
  • No apparel with obscene or offensive writing
  • Leave your tennis shoes at the hotel and put on a nice pair of dress or business shoes
  • Absolutely no shorts of any kind

Consult our strip club dress code guide for more in depth information and tips. Dress like you’re attending an interview or business meeting and you’ll more than likely be fine.

All Inclusive Bachelor Party Packages


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